Bath, Stonehenge, and a (Possible) Scam

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email offering a trip to Bath and Stonehenge for a very affordable price. The email said it was “a group of students looking to travel” and it didn’t have much information on it. You could say I was a little skeptical. Not skeptical enough, apparently, to just … Continue reading Bath, Stonehenge, and a (Possible) Scam


Penzance: Castles and Cafes

Last weekend, all of my childhood princess dreams came alive. I found my castle! Unfortunately, it wasn't really for sale, but it was worth the trip anyway. Let me start from the beginning. 3 of my friends, Alice, Jade, and Ashley, and I took a two hour train ride to another seaside city called Penzance. … Continue reading Penzance: Castles and Cafes

5 Reasons You Need to Visit Dartmoor Zoo

And on the 15th day, I left Plymouth. This weekend, I took my first excursion out of my host city! Although I am falling in love with Plymouth a little more everyday, I was excited to explore someplace new. I grabbed two of my friends, a ticket for the bus, and made my way to … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Need to Visit Dartmoor Zoo

A Tour of the Barbican and Plymouth Hoe

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since I left the states, and Monday marks the first day of official classes. I have made sure to take advantage of my 2 "orientation" weeks to explore my beautiful new home and, of course, get a few pictures. University of Plymouth is in such an amazing location. Not only is … Continue reading A Tour of the Barbican and Plymouth Hoe

The Beginning: A Letter From England

Every story, no matter how it's been written, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It starts out with the main character facing conflict, embarking on a new adventure, or encountering a life-changing event. For my beginning, I suppose you could say it was all three. Conflict. I knew that saying goodbye see you later … Continue reading The Beginning: A Letter From England

Confessions of an Overpacker

Hello, again! It's been awhile since I've taken the time to write here. My time has been taken up by many other things, mostly working and spending time with friends, family, and Ryan before it's time for takeoff! The countdown is nearly over. Tomorrow I will wake up and leave everything I know to embark … Continue reading Confessions of an Overpacker

Escape Rooms, Reunions, and Summer Traditions

I'm a chatty person -- ask anyone. It's a blessing and a curse, but it certainly makes it easy to hold a conversation! I find it fun, every once in awhile, to simply chat about the things in my life that, although small, still deserve their time in the sun. Life is a grand adventure … Continue reading Escape Rooms, Reunions, and Summer Traditions