The List

Here you kind find all of my crazy, weird, and completely cliche dreams for the future. It will forever continue to evolve, with items being crossed out as they are completed and others being added as I think of even more adventures. Some will never be crossed off, as they are goals that I’ll continue to work toward for the rest of my life. That’s what life is. A rotating list of goals, ambitions, and wishes.

Go out and live your dreams.


Graduate with my Bachelor’s

Earn my Master’s

Take a course completely unrelated to my major



Learn about my faith

Lead a bible study

Love others so radically that they can’t help but see Jesus

Grow in my relationship with God

Grow in discipleship with at least one beautiful, authentic woman

Touch the souls of others the way some people have completely touched mine (You know who you are, hoodrats)


Get a passport

Take an impromptu road trip

Study Abroad

Visit all 50 states (17/50)

Visit 6 continents — sorry Antarctica (2/6)

Go on a cruise

Visit Disney during all four seasons (Summer / Spring / Fall / Winter)

Visit Edinburgh Castle

View the Eiffel Tower at night

Ride the London Eye

Walk across the Sandy beaches of Spain

Eat pasta in Italy

Bring Happiness to Others

Serve an organization whose mission I am passionate about

Send cards to my High School teachers

Volunteer in palliative care

Use my voice to speak for those without one


Get married to my best friend

Have a few super cute kids

Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Travel to another country with the one I love


Gain some real photography skills

Learn calligraphy

Take an art class

Take a dance class

Learn to make Grandma’s chicken and noodles

Learn to play an instrument (Currently learning! Ukulele here I come)


See my sisters get married

Own a house

Make a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle part of the family

Find a career I love

Throw a surprise party

Learn to love coffee

Make a change

Go to a drive-in movie

Have a picnic


Swim with dolphins

Ride in a hot air balloon


Sleep under the northern lights

Climb to the top of a volcano

Take a surfing lesson

Visit a trampoline park

Scuba dive

Hike a 14 footer


Go to 15 concerts (9.5/15)